Jake Sorgen is an Improviser/Composer/Musician originally from Woodstock, New York and has composed for and performed with musicians, actors, and dancers in Amsterdam, Austin, Boston, New York, and Tucson.

Three albums of lyrical balladry, original scores for over 20 theatrical works, and New Music/Improvisation performances and workshops with members of the Instant Composers Pool and Creative Music Studio have informed Jake’s role as a dynamic and inventive voice in the musical, theatrical, and dance/movement worlds he engages with.


Photo by Holly Griffith 


   Photo by Tim Fuller





Photo by Holly Griffith


Jake has composed and performed original music and inventive interpretations of composers ranging from Satie and Schubert to Dowland, Tavolaro, Villa-Lobos, and Sanz for over 25 plays and play readings including three world premiere original plays at The Rogue Theatre in Tucson, AZ.

As a songwriter, Jake’s three albums Sudden Myth (2012), In Transit (2013), and less. (2016) reflect an affinity for Celtic, British, and American musics and the literary-musical focus that drives Jake’s theatrical work and inspired his other multidisciplinary endeavors with actors/spoken word performers and dancers around the world.

Jake’s study of Improvisation and New Music includes theories developed throughout the late 20th Century by members of the Creative Music Studio (Karl Berger) and the Instant Composer’s Pool (Mary Oliver) and is a foundation of his continued workshops available for musicians, actors, and dancers/movement artists on multidisciplinary collaboration and collective improvisation.



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