Jake Sorgen is an Improviser/Composer/Musician originally from Woodstock, New York and has composed for and performed with musicians, actors, and dancers throughout the United States and Europe.

Jake’s music is heard in many contexts: supporting plays and physical theatre works at Tucson’s Rogue Theatre among other companies around the country; in performance spaces throughout Europe alongside improvisational dancers and movement artists; and on 4 albums of lyrical, acoustic songs. All throughout Jake’s approach to composition, improvisation, and music-making seeks to make strong, economical impacts with sound and story.


Photo by Holly Griffith
Photo by Tim Fuller




Photo by Holly Griffith


After studying saxophone and bass growing up, Jake veered away from formal music education for a time, instead focusing on literature at Emerson College in Boston. Unable to let go of the musical drive, his studies quickly shifted towards interdisciplinary inquiries that continue to drive Jake’s musical output today. Now focused on guitar, Jake spent the following few years studying and performing in New York and Austin before landing in early 2014 in Tucson, AZ where he picked up where he’d left off at Emerson, working again with sound and text relationships as a composer for the theatre.

The Rogue Theatre’s unique use of live, original scores for every production allowed Jake to quickly establish himself as a varied and multifaceted composer and performer in the Tucson area. In more recent years his output has expanded to working with members of the Creative Music Studio and Instant Composer’s Pool in New York and the Netherlands, dancers, actors, and musicians in England, Belgium, and the Netherlands, and an increasing array of musical works from folk songs to contemporary compositions that defy the “music” and “theatre” categorizations.



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