Jake Sorgen is a Chicago-based Composer/Improviser/Multi-Instrumentalist originally from Woodstock, New York. He has composed for and performed solo and with musicians, actors, and dancers throughout the United States and Europe.

Jake’s compositions and improvisations are heard alongside plays and physical theatre works at theatre companies around the country; in performance spaces throughout Europe alongside improvisational dancers and movement artists; in music venues from coffee shops to concert halls and on 4 albums of lyrical songs. All throughout Jake’s approach to composition, improvisation, and music-making seeks to make strong, economical impacts with sound and story.


As an improviser/new music composer, Jake has performed and studied with many of the masters on the scene today including Jeff Lederer, Joe Fonda, Mary Oliver, and Jasper Stadhouders, as well as dancers such as Katie Duck and Miri Lee.

Since 2014 Jake has regularly composed and performed for theatre companies around the country, creating collaborative scores for plays from Shakespeare to Beckett to contemporary original dramas and devised physical theatre pieces. Scores are very often performed live by Jake on guitars, bass and other plucked strings, piano, and saxophone and flutes along with other exemplary musicians from the classical, jazz, and improvisation worlds.

In 2016 Jake traveled to Amsterdam where he began an ongoing collaboration with choreographers, dancers, and musicians in the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, and the UK. Jake has taught several workshops with Israeli dancer Ady Elzam on the collaborative practice of merging movement and music in an improvised setting.

During the summer of 2018 Jake was invited back to his hometown of Woodstock to perform at the Maverick Concert Hall as the “2018 Maverick Prodigy.” At Maverick, Jake debuted 2 new works for text and music, and 2 new works for guitar, doublebass, and drumset.

Relocating his home base to Chicago in summer 2019, Jake continues to work in each of these areas with more vigor and searching than ever. Currently he’s set to compose and/or perform with Trap Door Theatre, 2nd Story, The Story Theatre, and numerous venues for both songwriters and contemporary/improvised music in the city.


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For press/publicity inquiries please contact I Am Them. Records at iamthemrecords@gmail.com 


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