A Workshop in Improvised Theatre Making with Music, Movement, and Text


An interactive exploration of improvisatory/devised movement and music for actors, physical performers, dancers, and musicians. During this two-day workshop we’ll explore the role of the actor/dancer and the musician in interdisciplinary theatre-making

This workshop will be held at the Rogue Theatre and will culminate in a performance at 7:00pm on April 8th of the work that has been created over the course of the workshop. The workshop will be led by Education Director Matt Bowdren and Music Director Jake Sorgen – the cost is $50.

Friday April 7th: 6:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday April 8th: 10:00am-3:00pm
Rehearsal: 4:00pm-6:00pm
Performance 7:00pm

For more information or to reserve a place email mbowdren@gmail.com



Dance & Music Improvisation Workshop

By: Ady Elzam & Jake Sorgen


We believe in challenging the status quo, finding out new ways of interlinking dance and music, live, on-the-spot, instantly composing, communication through improvisation. We believe that to arrive in performance we must practice performance and that by this practice we get to know our comfort zone and challenge ourselves to outgrow it. We use improvisation as our main discipline for both dance and music in this workshop.

 In this practice, music and dance are viewed through the same lens of instant composition. The sound inspires movement in the dancers’ bodies, and the body creates the impulse for sound-making (and silence making) in the musicians. In this workshop, the observation of sound and movement are just as critical as the performance of them.

 Dancers, movers, performers and musicians will meet in one space to explore and exchange ideas about interdisciplinary improvisation and performance. There are two facilitators for the workshop, one of the field of music and one of the field of dance, they will lead the group into cross-art communication.

 We invite dancers and musicians who are eager to open their practice to new methods of collaborating and creating, to join us for this workshop.

Facilitated by Ady Elzam & Jake Sorgen

Feb. 2017

18th 11:30-18:30

19th 10:00-17:00

          19:00 – workshop performance

 @ Studio JOJI – Rue de la Glaciere 18 – 1060 – Brussels

 Full fee: 70€

However, if you want to pay an extra 10€ – this would go into a scholarship for someone who cannot afford the full fee.

For every 10€ you put in, we will add 10€ to the pot.

If you can’t afford the full fee and want to apply for the scholarship, please contact us.

Registration: antoine@weaveness.org